Very Short Stories

Very Short Stories

~ Updates on a whim

Millie’s Brush with Reality
~ Millie isn’t very smart. That doesn’t stop her from seeing what she shouldn’t.

~ Another way out? There is no other way out.

Underneath His Hat
~ Will tried not to think too much about what exactly he was doing.

Dog Spelled Backwards is God
~ Perfection is over-rated.

Prama Saves the World
~ If regular, everyday humanity could see time passing, it would be red- a deep, brimming red that was ready to spill over into eternity and infinity and death before anyone could stop it.

Burning the Leopard
~ Independance smells like burning polyester and toasted marshmallows.

The Heroine at Four
~ A Diva’s story

Advanced Scouting Report
~ A teeny sci-fi flash

All Winter in a Day
~ A Leap Day Story

The Yearlings
~ A New Years Story

How He Even Had Kitten Bandages, He Had No Clue
~ An excerpt from my 2007 Nanowrimo Novel

Adventures in Sitting (Or the Armchair romantic)
~ A story about true love and upholstery

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