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Lillia’s Tale
~ Lillia’s father has always been a half-seen shadow- never present, but always close. Another story in the Golden Apples Tales Universe. Reading there first will enhance this story.

Currently Updating

~ Next Posts January 2013

Underground Society (2nd Fridays)
~ An inter-species romance.
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Time in Jelly Jars (3rd Fridays)
~ Kids and time travel- why not?
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Bent Or the Modern Tiresias (4th Fridays)
~ A fairy tale about a girl and a frog- No, not that one- not that one at all.
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On Hiatus

~ Returning July 2013

The Golden Apple Tales ~ Arethusa’s Tale
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~ Hidden among us, on a small family orchard, stands a Tree housing powers greater than humankind has ever seen. It is guarded by the hybrid descendants of those who secreted it at the dawn of time. Now, a centuries old feud threatens not only the family that has kept the Tree secured, but also the very existence of planet Earth.

Travis Keller (Not So Super Hero)
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~ Wanting nothing more than a decent meal and a warm place to sleep, Travis Keller is thrust 1,000 years into the future to a time when society stagnates under a pandemic illness. Surrounded by a population of plague survivors he must learn to navigate their new society using his not so super human powers of hearing, taste and smell.

Brave the Arid Ocean
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~ In a land divided between arid waste and great ocean, the last survivors of two races decimated by war must put aside generations of distrust to fulfill events foretold long before their births. Yet, what point is there when their enemy is so formidable and the very peoples they were meant to save are all but extinct?

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~ On the frontier of medical science, Dr. Dennis Mears has created the first successful human clone. Reviving ancient DNA, he has broken a barrier never meant to be breached and unleashed a long slumbering force with a will of its own. What will this ancient being do to fulfill a long ago prescribed destiny?

Burgess Gulch
~ A Sci-fi Western because there aren’t enough of those.
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