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Among Extra Socks and Wooly Mittens

Another Today’s Author Prompt: Develop a new character ONLY by describing the contents of their purse (backpack, etc.). Prompt found here.

The non-descript black satchel is worn down to grey in some places, canvas fraying in spots. The pockets are stretched and warped by its contents and years of use.

The small outer pocket is kept empty on account of it being unusable- the hempstrings fretted away from countless attempts to cinch and tie them around the pocket when it was overstuffed with crucial supplies. The initials HAS (Hestalia Asmondia Stellaluna) adorn the canvas just above the unused pocket, but the H is coming unstitched such that it more resembles the number 4 and the S bares a dark umber stain of unknown origin.

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Beyond Vodka and Horses

A holiday piece written for the first prompt over at Today’s Author, a writing blog that my dear husband is involved in getting off the ground. Prompt found here.

Beyond Vodka and Horses

There was a knock at the door and suddenly the Christmas lights went out, for Papa was quick with the snuffer. Anna hurried to close the armoire, shielding the illicit tannenbaum from casual view and Foster doused the candles that ringed the table wreath by capping the whole thing with Grandmother’s antique porcelain cake cover. At the same time, little Mellie hopped up on Papa’s chair to take the hay-filled clogs from the mantle and stow them in the fireplace coal bin before Mama brought out the gruel and barley water in lieu of the feast still roasting in the potbelly. Then, Papa opened the door to the soldiers.

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