Among Extra Socks and Wooly Mittens

Another Today’s Author Prompt: Develop a new character ONLY by describing the contents of their purse (backpack, etc.). Prompt found here.

The non-descript black satchel is worn down to grey in some places, canvas fraying in spots. The pockets are stretched and warped by its contents and years of use.

The small outer pocket is kept empty on account of it being unusable- the hempstrings fretted away from countless attempts to cinch and tie them around the pocket when it was overstuffed with crucial supplies. The initials HAS (Hestalia Asmondia Stellaluna) adorn the canvas just above the unused pocket, but the H is coming unstitched such that it more resembles the number 4 and the S bares a dark umber stain of unknown origin.

The shoulder straps are of a length that only a child or someone of similarly small stature could wear with anything approaching comfort.

The closure on the main pocket, while functional, is also technically broken, two of the three buckle straps having ripped trough so that they are more ribbons than anything else. They serve well enough when knotted through the buckle, but since the satchel’s owner has a certain higgledy-piggledy approach to knot making, there is a challenge in the opening or closing of the buckles even for her.

The above mentioned wrecked buckle straps protect a good number of everyday objects: pens and notebooks, snacks of granola and gorp and crackers, a canteen of water and herbal tea bags, a calculator and electronic book reader, chalk and slate, lip-gloss and hand salve, extra socks and wooly mittens, along with all manner of the simplest items to make a scholar’s life easier in the simplest ways.

And yet, the satchel also carries many items of a very specific and unexpected nature: sprigs of dried herbs for casting, jars of rare oils and essences of both vegetable and mineral varieties for concocting, protective talismans from various lands (both those easily visited and neigh impossible to breach save for with invite or invasion), along with several blessed tokens given to the satchel’s wearer in gratitude or awe (often a little of both).

Lastly, the humble little satchel contains one slim volume- a tome written in a language long dead on velum harvested in a place long lost and detailing Recipes & Incantations Proofed Most Useful for Elfwives, Pixettes, and Faeolines in Householding Endeavors and Other Works of Natural Magiks.

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