Advanced Scouting Report

ASSESSOR #: HJBF75893-987F
DESIGNATION: Hibant Jafftanlor

I have classified this planet as HIGHLY FAVORABLE because this world is perfect.

This world as a whole is pretty, but bits and pieces of it are just beautiful- pristine and full of life- teeming with it. Even the most well-used and highly developed portions are still lush with life and air so thin and pure that one can see for yards and yards. Only a small portion of the dominant species requires assistance to breathe it- the very old or young and the otherwise infirmed for the most part. As to the little-used places- I’ve stood atop a mountain range surrounded by flora and fauna and the morning’s sweet, soft mist- which is nearly all water- Yes, you read that correctly- Water. The water mist burned off as the planet rotated and then the air was so pure and colorless that the visibility was for miles- MILES.

This planet is perfect.

The locals are also quite hospitable- they commune with each other constantly, meeting in groups as small as two, and as great as tens of thousands. It is remarkable easy to gain entrance to all but a few of such gatherings. Spend a small amount of the local currency or strike up a genial conversation and you are invited in with trust and smiles, and given a share of what they have- water and foodstuffs and even mates are offered within hours or sometimes minutes of entrance.

Again, I say- this planet is perfect. All that we might require is here in abundance- it is a paradise. I strongly recommend that first wave infiltration begin immediately.

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2 thoughts on “Advanced Scouting Report

  1. loved this- you seem a kindred spirit if ever i’ve seen one. i shall return, and i thank you for your kind comment over at my place.

  2. Thank you. Glad you liked it. I too am planning to take a look at more of your work.

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